Raspberry Pi – Digital Making at Home: Storytelling with code

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Raspberry Pi – Digital Making at Home: Storytelling with code

This week, we want you to tell us a story using code!

We all have a story to tell, and with the power of coding and digital making, you can share your own story in your very own way with other digital makers around the world!

Raspberry Pi will be challenging you every week with a new task. This week, your challenge is to tell them a story using code. Maybe you want to create your own story or retell one of your favourite tales in your own way — the possibilities are endless.

And when you’ve created your story, share it with others! They are excited to see it too, so show us what you’ve made by sending it to us to check out..

If you need some inspiration, theit Raspberry Pi team is here for you! They’re all back with more code-along videos to help you explore storytelling with code.

Click here to see the code-along videos

Bonus level

If you want to try something else, here’s a video from a friend of ours! In it, Nick, one of our Raspberry Pi Certified Educators in the USA, explains how to create interactive fiction stories in Python.

April 06 2020


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