Fire Tech Camp: Scholarships – Creative, Coding, Games Dev & More – Courses – Manchester

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Fire Tech Camp: Scholarships – Creative, Coding, Games Dev & More – Courses – Manchester

Fire Tech Camp offers to tech education to children from all economic backgrounds. While we believe that our prices reflect good value and a fantastic learning experience, we recognise that for some families the price will be out of reach.

In order to make our programmes accessible to as many young people as possible, we have raised a scholarship fund that provide financial assistance to families that need it.


Fire Tech Camp is committed to making tech education accessible to young people from all backgrounds, and we have already self-funded and raised sponsorship for hundreds of places on camps and workshops.  Going forward, for every five seats we sell in our camps, we endeavour to raise funding for one scholarship place for a student who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.


If you are a student who would like to attend camp but find the price inaccessible, please fill out the form below and include a video explaining 1) why you would like to attend and 2) how you believe that you could use the knowledge and skills that Fire Tech Camp would bring you. As we find funding we will get in touch with candidates to see if we can help. Please understand that the number of scholarships will be limited, but we will do our best to include you.


If you are an educator or youth worker and you work with students who would benefit from our courses but may not find them affordable, please contact us at We have worked with a number of schools to split costs of the courses between our scholarship and their Pupil Premium funding. We have also worked with charities to set up special events or to bring their kids into our camps at special rates.


If you are an individual or company that would like to sponsor students or a special event, please contact and we will get in touch as soon as possible to make that happen. Thank you in advance for your support in helping us make Fire Tech Camp accessible to students according to their motivation, and not their means!



Fire Tech Camp is the UK’s leading provider of tech education for young people 9-17 years old.  We want to help young people make things with technology, and we want them to learn design thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration in the process.  Fire Tech brings young people together in small groups, led by inspiring young experts in their fields, to inspire, encourage and support.  We build communities of young people and give them everything they need to be inspired independent learners and creators.  We are building the next generation of innovators.

Our core business is our holiday camps, our afterschool courses, and our weekend Fire Tech Crew exploratory workshops.  We teach coding, making, and digital arts through classes like Video Game Design, Mobile App Design, Robotics, and Digital Music Production.  We look for platforms and projects that are cool and embed learning and then we create our own approach to how to bring those to kids in a way that gives them license to take creative and intellectual risks while finishing original work. We work with schools, corporates and charities on special workshops that focus on bringing the power of tech skills to all kids.  We work with selected partners to develop in new geographies, like Australia.  And we are working behind the scenes on online tools that will strengthen our community and our learners even more.

Our mission is to be the hub for young people and families who want to skill up, get their hands dirty, get straight answers, find resources, and make the future.