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Aim of the website

This website is intended to inform visitors and users of events occurring in Greater Manchester.

Event listings

Please note that all events listed on the #MCRGreater website are organised by independent third parties and #MCRGreater does not have any input, control or involvement with them.

If you have a question about a specific event, please contact the organiser direct.

Intellectual property

We do not own, claims rights to or have any control over any logos, graphics, photos or visual elements from or provided by third parties. The sole purpose of using them on our website is to promote the events and listings.


Although we aim to provide the most up to date, accurate information on our website, events may be subject to change and we do not take responsibility for listings that may not be as described. We provide information given to us or found on third party websites.

Should you notice any changes or if the event is organised by your company and you wish to provide further details for us to update, please email contact us.

External links, personal details (signing up for events), cancellations and payment

Should an event be cancelled or require personal details, we do not hold responsibility for loss of tickets, event cancellations, payment or how your details are used.

Please note that we do not hold responsibility for any external links. Some links contained within our website will redirect you to an external, third-party website.

These are provided by the event organisers and we do not have control over, neither do they reflect the views of MCR Greater or our supporters and associates. Users should take caution and use these links at their own risk.

If you have any issue with links, please contact the organiser directly. If you experience problems with our website, please contact us.

Community, blog and opinion-based content

Opinions, blogs and comments on our website are from the individual themselves and may not portray views of MCR Greater or any of the supporting organisations. Blogs and external content is written by individuals and third parties, so therefore we do not take responsibility for this.

The MCR Greater website remains neutral and unbiased, and only uses information to inform the audience, users and visitors.

Social media, marketing, press releases and promotional material

Occasionally, MCR Greater may be featured in the press or feature a guest blog. At MCR Greater, we also use social media to promote the website and listings further.

We often ask permission before we produce or allow any third parties to feature or mention listings or information on our website.

If you wish not to be featured in any blogs, press releases, promotional material or on social media – please email us to let us know.

This website and the owners will not request personal or sensitive information via social media.


We only use strictly necessary cookies essential to running our website. We do not use cookies to collect personal or anonymous data.

If you disagree with the use of these strictly necessary cookies, please leave our website. If you continue to use this website, we assume you agree to the consent of the use of these cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies are used on most websites and do not require the visitor’s consent.

They enable the user to use basic, important features of websites and are essential to the running of basic functions.

Data protection

In the Data Protection Act 1998, data protection applies to and covers personal details only; which are not subject to public domain.

We do not hold personal details or information, and you should always provide us with business details and information only. Your details we may have will not be passed on to any third parties.

Details submitted on external websites we do not have access to or hold responsibility for, therefore have no control over.

If you require a copy of what information and details we have of yours, we may charge a small fee.

For further information, please read the Official Data Protection act provided by Gov UK.

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