#MCRGreater is a free, collaborative listings website for Creative, Digital & Tech learning across Greater Manchester. 

Whether it’s a free coding activity in Ashton, a graphic design boot camp in the Northern Quarter, or a ‘build your own app competition in Stockport’ you’ll find out about it all through #MCRGreater www.mcrgreater.co.uk.

Created and managed by apprentices and graduates, the campaign is promoted to schools, colleges, universities, students, apprentices and new entrants into the sector on an ongoing basis.

#MCRGreater aims to provide an easily searchable resource to assist the promotion of events, supported by organisations includingBBC, ITV ,Manchester City Council and Manchester Metropolitan University

The design is made up of the skylines of Greater Manchester and the branding is not led by any one organisation or employer.

The ambition is to support making Manchester Greater for Creative, Digital and Tech Learning. 

If you have any questions please email us.

Be part of something Greater!


Aleena Sharif

Job title: Project & Social Media Manager

Responsible for: Directing the team and ensuring deadlines were met. Developing plans, problem-solving, editing the website as well as creating the Social Media guidelines. Also maintains the Twitter feed.

Interesting Fact: Aleena is an Artist in her spare time – with a focus on drawing and painting. She aspires to be a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and likes a good challenge. She is also a photography retoucher.

Ihtezaz Anwar

Job title: Web Developer & Technical support

Responsible for: Creating and editing the entire MCR Greater website – front end and back end. He has simultaneously worked on 6 websites at once.

Interesting Fact: Nicknamed ‘Hackerman’ for his swift work; he has the ability to create using code and has fixed issues he’s never encountered before.

Lewis Marsh

Job title: Branding & Graphic Designer

Responsible for: Designing the logos, visual elements and branding for MCR Greater. He also created the first MCR Greater Mailchimp with Ihtezaz and developed the Brand Guidelines.

Interesting Fact: Lewis is super-fast at designing and getting things done. He is also a rapper; Marshun in his spare time and is a photographer.

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